About Us



You can't go anywhere without hearing someone talk about a social media network they participate in such as Facebook, Twitter and the ever growing Pinterest and Instagram.
At Hats Off Creative Media we aim to increase your customer base by actively engaging your current and potential customers over the same social media networks they are active on, all for a price that won't break your budget.
Based in McMinnville, OR, Hats Off Creative Media has had the opportunity to work with real estate agents, car dealerships, bakeries, local gyms, as well as non-profit organizations.
If you are looking to broaden or begin your small business social media presence, look no further than Hats Off Creative Media.
We offer Social Media Marketing that is:


  • - Creative
  • - Appealing
  • - Fun
  • - Affordable

Tina Kelley

Founder / CEO
Tina first began to delve into social media 6 years ago when she created her successful parenting blog Mad Hatter Mom.
Through her blogging career she has had the opportunity to work with large brands such as Kmart, Sears, Jockey, Walmart, Chevrolet, Hershey and more. It was while working with these companies that Tina realized how the same social media practices the "big guys" were using could provide success for small local businesses who were not yet active in the Social Media realm or just didn't know how to jump in.
Tina has discovered a passion to help small businesses break into social media and strives to help them succeed, all while understanding that time and often budget is tight.
 Forever on a quest to expand her knowledge, Tina enjoys educating others and showing them how exciting social media marketing can be.