Jim Ramos

Founder, The Great Hunt 4 God

"A year ago my wife and I launched a national faith-based non-profit organization for men. We did it with zero dollars. We did it in one of the worst economies in American history targeting one often most neglected people groups in America - men. At the time our social media was virtually non-existent.

We began to meet with Tina and she taught us the nuts and bolts of telling our story, building our community and believing in social media. Six months later our following on Facebook has grown from 36 to 436, we have six months of income in the our business account, spoken in six states-plus an entirely different country-and have launched The Great Hunt for God in four states.

All I can say is Tina Kelley is the social media ninja! I emphatically recommend her expertise from a faith based  non-profit organization to your small business."


Melanie Nelson

Owner, Blogging Basics 101 & Summit Integrated Media

"I recommend Tina's work without hesitation. She is knowledgeable about implementing company pages on all social platforms and helping clients create and maintain community. Her work setting up Facebook fan pages and training clients has been extremely satisfactory. My clients have praised her work -- and they've contacted me for other projects (clearly they were satisfied!). Tina has been a trusted asset to my team."

Ken Guthrie

Owner, Guthrie Group-Keller Williams Realty

"Tina did an excellent job of teaching this old dog some new tricks. I feel after that session that I finally grasp the potential of Facebook to be of major importance in our business as well as feel comfortable with how I can proceed in finishing the set up and maintaining the page going forward.The value I have received.. is well worth the cost! In other words, I got my money’s worth."

Willow Muhr, LMT

Healing Hands Massage & Bodywork

"HUGE RECOMMENDATION: For more than a month I have been working on a facebook problem & have had many e-mails back & forth with support staff & even asked a few friends. Today in less that a paragraph Tina asked me a question & was able to explain what I needed to do & it was fixed. Genius - pure genius."